TOUR 1 NEAR BEACHES 4h Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

                08: 30h Meeting in the center of Pura Vida in Pattaya Beach

                    The places we visited on this Tour are:
  JABANG, Snorkeling point in the middle of the sea with an incredible marine life and a spectacular coral reef.
  LONG BEACH, In the west of the island of Koh Adang, at this point you can snorkel or play any of our games, rest on the beach….
  KOH HIN NGNAM, This island is formed by quite striking black stones and a snorkeling point full of life.
  KOH YANG, Snorkeling point with unique soft coral reef formations.

                     Price, 650 THB, Includes: Water, fruit, complete snorkel kit with fins, life jacket and guide in English or Spanish.

           TOUR 2 FAR BEACHES 6h Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

               08: 30h Meeting in the center of Pura Vida in Pattaya Beach

                   The places we visited on this Tour are:

  KOH PUNG, Magnificent snorkeling point where you can see soft coral formations of all kinds of colors.
  KOH TONG / Monkey Beach, On this island we will stop to eat together a colony of wild monkeys (it is not allowed to feed the monkeys)
  KOH LUGOI, Another great place to contemplate interesting corals and beautiful marine life.
  KOH BULU, You can see the most famous stone formations of the National Park.

                     Price of Tours 850 THB, Includes: Water, food (fried rice), fruit, snorkeling equipment, beach games, guide in Spanish

          > Sunscreen
          > Cap
          > National Park Ticket (Paid upon arrival in Lipe)
          > Book a minimum day in advance to secure a place
          > Warn if you get dizzy, we have the solution

          > Some points could be modified by provision of
             National Park authorities.

Pura Vida Diving Koh Lipe

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Koh Lipe, Satun


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