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Learn how to manage dive emergencies and treat injuries as a lifeguard with the React Right specialty. This specialized first aid and emergency program includes learning CPR and first aid skills, stabilization techniques, oxygen administration, and much more. Earn your SSI React Right Specialty Certification and help any diver in need. Get started today!

React Right is SSI's first aid and emergency course: it offers you the training and knowledge you need to act as a first aid worker in a medical emergency. This diving program is totally flexible, so you can choose the topics that interest you, such as primary care, first aid, CPR and primary stabilization techniques. You can also learn the basics of automatic external defibrillation (AED) and oxygen delivery in emergency situations while diving. Combining academic sessions and practical training scenarios, this program provides you with the tools and confidence you need to act correctly. When you earn your certification, you will be able to respond to and administer first aid, CPR and oxygen and offer assistance with an AED in the event of a medical emergency.

React Right:  1 Day  

The first aid course consists of 1 day of theory and the exam. The general objective of the course is to provide the student with adequate health techniques and knowledge to act in any urgency or emergency. The diver will be able to efficiently administer first aid to the injured person, analyzing the main causes of the accident, neutralizing the risks of the situation and stabilizing the victim.


* If you have already done this course previously, it can be validated.

Price: 4,000 baths


(Prices are subject to change, depending on the season and promotions).

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