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Have you ever considered becoming a diving professional? Work and live around the sea and nature.


Now you we offer the possibility of starting your online training from home!

You will have access to digital material, you will complete the tasks online and exam. Not only theory, but also demonstrative and entertaining videos that will help you immerse yourself in this world in an enjoyable way.

You will have talks, conversation groups and online support with our Instructors Trainers.

Them They will guide you first online and later on the island, with their extensive and proven experience in the world of diving.

You'll get Your first professional certification from home and you will be closer to achieving your Divemaster title with Pura Vida Diving Koh Lipe.

 Do  you dare to take the leap ?

Send us an email explaining your interest without any commitment.

We will contact you to provide you with all the detailed information.

You will be one step closer to becoming a diving professional!

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Curso Divemaster



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    If what you want is to become a true diving professional, you will not find a better place,  WELCOME TO PURA VIDA PRO!  

Get ready to live the most exciting experience of your life. Immerse yourself in a new world where you will not stop learning, diving and sharing emotions with those you will begin to call family.  



The Divemaster is your first professional step in the incredible world of diving, and if it is in Koh Lipe, much better .

You will immerse yourself deeply in the diving lifestyle, expanding your knowledge and creating lifelong connections and friendships.


After your course, you will become a diving professional capable of guiding certified divers anywhere in the world, reviewing knowledge and skills with certified divers, planning and organizing diving expeditions as a leader. Too  You will become a snorkel instructor and you will be prepared to take another step in the professional diving career.

How is the Divemaster program with Pura Vida Pro?

The Dive Master is a program that combines two specialty courses, so you will accumulate theoretical knowledge through the SCIENCE OF DIVING and you will learn, train and gain experience, with the best practices for diving leaders, thanks to the specialty of GUIDE DE DIVING.

The Divemaster course in Pura Vida Pro does not have fixed start dates, that is, you could start it any day of the year without problems.

The program lasts from 4 to 8 weeks. Depending on the time you have.  We will always recommend that you extend it as long as possible,

in order to gain much more experience and leave more and better prepared. At the end of the course, you will have another 2 extra weeks

of free dives to enjoy the waters of Koh Lipe. If you make the most of it, it will be 10 weeks of uninterrupted diving (8 of training + 2 of practice and enjoyment). It is undoubtedly the longest and most complete course on the island, but at the same time flexible and 100%

adaptable to your idea and time on the island.


     The Divemaster program at Pura Vida has four main sections:

  • Diving Theory: You will learn about recreational diving through classes, exhibitions and talks. You will gain knowledge and be ready to teach academic sessions of Scuba Update (colloquially called Refresh). You will also learn to conduct diving briefings in a professional way. ​​

  • Practices in the water: We will carry out several circuits of skills and exercises so that you achieve the level of a professional and thus be able to help the learning of anyone who wants to enter the underwater world.


  • Attendance to real courses:  During your Dive Master, you will accompany our Instructors as an assistant in real courses, in this way you will prepare for your next professional step. Attending real courses is the way to get real experience and start to realize if you think you like it and are ready for this world. ​​​​

  • Navigation and Oceanography: Dives and more dives. You will guide and dive around Koh Lipe with your fellow students, to develop your knowledge of navigation, guidance, orientation and marine life.

      But with Pura Vida PRO there is still more:


  • Exhibitions about the panorama and operation of the diving industry

  • Career Strategy for Diving Professionals

  • Extra workshops (apnea, underwater photo, nitrox, introduction to technical diving, etc)

  • Guidance and personalized advice for your next steps

  • Social Events: Beach and seabed cleanings, weekly barbecues, talks and special guests, film and documentary sessions and much more.

How many dives can I do in my Dive Master in Pura Vida?

A great  The advantage of doing the Divemaster in Koh Lipe is that we dive 364 days a year (we rest only on January 1) and the key in Pura Vida is to have two own boats, doing 2 or 4 trips a day (4/5 dives a day ), with which our Dive Masters can DIVE, DIVE and DIVE.  


  The course has a prior organization, but very flexible, always guaranteeing your space in at least one of the day's outings, (minimum 2 dives a day) but as long as there is space, you are free and with energy you can do extra dives. The average number of dives of our Dive Masters students is between 100/120 dives divided in the 8 weeks of training. If we add to that the 2 weeks of extra dives, you could easily reach 150 dives.

Diving so much and in such a cheap way is one of the differentials when choosing to do the Divemaster in Pura Vida Diving Koh Lipe, we doubt that there is another way on the island to gain so much experience for this investment. If we only calculate the number of dives, each dive would be less than  7 euros. To this, let's add all of the above.

How much does the Divemaster course cost?

We like to be clear from the start. The price includes absolutely everything, the complete program, all fees, materials, Pura Vida Pro t-shirts and end of course celebration, diplomas, etc.


Divemaster SSI standard: 36,000 THB.


* You will need personal diving insurance, medical exam and basic diving equipment (compass, computer and buoy). But we can help you with all this. And remember that you will have discounts for the purchase of equipment in the center.


Do you want to make better use of your time with us and save money on your courses?

Click below and see the Divemaster packages

Without any diving certification and want to reach the first level of diving professional? Take a look at the pack

below become a professional  

  Ready for 

The course is aimed at becoming a professional, whether you want to work as a dive guide tomorrow, focus on your professional career until you become an Instructor or if you are just looking to enjoy some incredible weeks in paradise, diving every day and doing unique friendships. Any of these 3 options, they seem perfect if they adapt to what you are looking for.


Any information you need, do not hesitate to contact us, with complete confidence. Both our SSI Divemasters Instructors,

Samuel Andres and Marc Esteruelas, as the Pura Vida Diving Instructors team, will always be at your disposal and will accompany, help and advise you, throughout your journey until you become a PRO.


​​ Before we finish we have to tell you.

There is a great truth about the Dive Master course at Pura Vida Diving Koh Lipe and everyone who passed through here agrees, THE DIVEMASTER  IT IS THE BEST DIVING COURSE IN OUR LIVES, all the professionals we know would repeat it 3 more times, if possible, it is something that one has to live to understand it. Wants?

(Prices are subject to change, depending on the season and promotions).

Divemaster In Koh Lipe with Pura Vida Diving


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