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Pura Vida Diving Koh Lipe is the only Spanish language school on the island of Koh Lipe. We are a small and young diving center, which opened its doors in August 2018, but all of us who work have been teaching and sharing our passion for diving for years, that is what we do, enjoy the sea every day and infect you with our passion for him and what better place than this beautiful island paradise.

Our school is 100% Spanish, although we work in several languages, but committed to local development, we help take care of the Island, clean the beaches, clean the seabed, conservation and propagation of coral reefs, etc. We have two traditional Thai boats, this is how we dive, in a traditional way and in small groups, with captain "Chao Lay" and we integrate into the local customs.

One of our privileges is our location. Located at the end of Pattaya Beach, one of the most beautiful corners of the island, we have the school on the beach and away from the crowds. A quiet place to relax and enjoy paradise.

The School

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At Pura Vida Diving Koh Lipe, we have a large and experienced staff to make our clients' experience unique. We have several Instructors and Divemasters because our philosophy is to work with small groups so that learning and attention is as personal and simple as possible in any of the activities we offer.

We can work in several languages, in addition to the Spanish language, we also work in Catalan, English, Dutch, Italian and French, although we are a Spanish dive center, we have clients from all over the world who are also part of the family of

Pura Vida Koh Lipe and every day it continues to grow.

Every year we try to incorporate new activities related to diving because by having clients who visit us every year, we try to keep up to date with the trends that the market is setting, for this our staff has to be constantly renewing itself and be able to offer these new activities, courses conservation and propagation of corals, underwater photography and video courses, sidemount courses, (side mounting of tanks), not only dive courses, (to be able to go diving alone), etc.  

In addition to our professional divemaster courses and in collaboration with Pura Vida Koh Tao, we are constantly training new diving professionals (Divemasters and Instructors) that in the future will be part of our family. 

  "Nothing better than training your own diving professionals for the future" 


Koh Lipe is one of the islands that is part of the Tarutao National Park, an hour by fast boat from the coast, in southern Thailand.

Famous for its beautiful soft coral reefs and its marine biodiversity, its paradisiacal beaches of white sand and turquoise waters, more than 30 diving spots surround these 28 islands that make up this wonderful area.

Shipwrecks, dreamy white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters, the Island is considered one of the best islands in the entire country, which is why some people consider it the Maldives of Thailand.


The tranquility  Koh Lipe's beauty and beauty make it an idyllic destination for both those wanting a family trip and a backpacking adventure. Get to know the Thai gastronomy of the south of the country or enjoy gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, rest on any of the deserted beaches, snorkel lost anywhere in the National Park, go out for a drink at a beach bar with a typical Koh decoration Lipe, in the light of the moon in the most beach style, a perfect mix that will not disappoint you to spend your holidays on this island that has so much to offer.