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Recreational Courses


If you have only 1 day, !Basic Diver is your course!

The Basic Diver or TSD consists of a first diving experience. With 1 or 2 dives (you choose) you will discover sensations such as weighlessness, breathing with autonomous equipment and enjoying the underwater world.

Maximun depth: 12m


1 Day - 2500/3500B

The Open Water has known you little?

The Advance Adventure course consists of 5 specialty dives, so you can better and discover what you like best. Among you will experience night and deep diving

Maximun depth: 30m 



2 Days - 11500B

Open water

Do you want to be a diver?

With the Open Water Course you will obtain the tittle of diver of Open Water with which you will be able to dive autonomously or with a diving school in any place of the world. 

The Course consists of theoretical class, immersions in confined water. In the theoretical classes you will learn the basic laws that influence us in the water and in the end you will a small test to validate the knowledge learned. The practical classes consist of 5 immersions in confined waters (shallow in controlled waters) and open water in which you will learn to breathe with autonomous equipment, enjoy the underwater world and the feeling of weigthtlessness.

Maximun depth: 18.


3,5 Days - 14000B

Firs Aid & Rescue

React Right

First Aid Course 

The only course in which you will not go to the water but one of the most rewarding. 

You will learn to intervene effectively in cases of emergency, evacuation of wounded, accident prevention and intervention techniques. 

The course consists of theory an exam at the end to evaluate you learning. 

This course is necessary to be able to become a rescue diver. 


1 Day - 4000B

The most challenging course are you ready?

With this course you will leave with the title of rescue diver. 

For this we will put you to the test in situations of stress in the water, you will conduct underwater searches for lost divers, you will handle rescue operations, .... You will finish ready to be a diving professional. 

Prerequisites: Open Water and Advance Adventure qualification and Reac Right course. 


2 Days - 13000B

Stress & Rescue

Professional Courses

Do you want to be part of our Pura Vida Diving PRO family?

The first course as a professional diver is much more than a course. Being Dive Master is illusion, joy, dreams and abobe all friendship. They are 6-8  weeks in which you will become a diving professional, but above all there are weeks in which you will laugh, learn and share emotions and experiences that you will never forget with people you will start calling family. 

Prerequisites: Open Water qualification, Advance Adventure and Stress & Rescue.


1-2 Month - 36000B


Dives for Certified Divers


You are a certified Diver and want to dive. 

One day dive or diving packs from 1 to 7 days.

1 DIVE PACK 1 DAY 1 DIVE - 1500

 2 DIVE PACK 1 DAY 2 DIVES - 2800

 3 DIVE PACK 1 DAY 3 DIVES - 3500

   4  DIVE PACK 2 DAYS 4 DIVES - 4900

  6 DIVE PACK 3 DAYS 6 DIVES - 7000

 8 DIVE PACK 4 DAYS 8 DIVES - 8800

    10 DIVE PACK 5 DAYS 10 DIVES -10000

    12 DIVE PACK 6 DAYS 12 DIVES - 11400

   14 DIVE PACK 7 DAYS 14 DIVES - 12600 

Diving & Packs

Dives & Packs

1 to 14 Dives

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