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apnea courses

If you only have 1 day, Discover Apnea is your choice! Equivalent to the first day 1 of the Apnea 1 course.

It is a good contact with this sport and will allow you to know and experience the bases to improve your apneas and enjoy the reefs as you have never been able to do before!


Maximum depth: 12m

Discover Apnea


1 day - 4000B

This 8-hour certified course will allow you to understand the essentials of this sport and will prepare you mentally and physically to overcome the limits you had always believed you had.


You will know the different disciplines, the material, the apnea techniques and the specific compensation. In addition, you will learn breathing, relaxation and safety techniques, and you will practice the essential breathing exercises extracted from yoga to improve quickly and safely. All this consists of four sessions: two theoretical classes of 2 hours and two practical sessions of 2 hours in open waters where the instructor will accompany you at all times.


Prepare to discover your new capabilities!


Maximum depth: 20m

Apnea 1

Apnea 1

2 days - 7000B

If you have already completed your first level, it is time to deepen the knowledge and practices of this exciting sport over the course of 3 days. You will learn much more than you ever imagined!


The first day we will understand better how the body and mind work when it comes to holding our breath, and we will work the mental limits through static apnea (sometimes reaching more than 3 minutes).


This will give us the necessary confidence for the second day, where we will learn to immerse ourselves with partially empty lungs. We will simulate deeper immersions and experience new sensations that will give us even more mental strength.


On the third and last day we will see step by step how to manage a deep apnea successfully. Then we will move on to the practice and apply all the new knowledge to depths that we previously thought impossible.


Maximum depth: 35m

Apnea 2 (Advanced)

Apnea 2 (Advanced)

3 days - 9000B


You will have an instructor that will make you safe, so you can train in the way you think is appropriate.

Training session

training session

2 hours - 1200B

If you want to continue progressing within your level of certification, but with the advice and continuous monitoring of an instructor, this is your best option. Make the most of your time!

Couching session


2 hours - 2000B

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